j e   s u i s   p r e s t.  i  a m   r e a d y.

c: “jesus h. roosevelt christ!”
j: “no, sassenech, just me.”

…I stood upon the hill and the wind did rise and the sound of thunder rolled across the land. I placed my hands upon the tallest stone and travelled to a far, distant land. where i lived for a time amongst strangers who became lovers and friends. But one day, I saw the moon came out and the wind rose once more, so I touched the stones, and traveled back to my own land and took up again with a man I had left behind."

"She came back through the stones?"
"Aye, she did. They always do."

I don’t even know what clan you’re from

I don’t even know what clan you’re from

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion on Jimmy Kimmel [x]

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{ some of the most intriguing and influential historical queens }

I'm building an empire
I'm building with the stars in mind
I'm building an empire
That's one day gona scrape the sky
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Outlander music: the dancing druids scene, 1x01

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Sassenach (Outlander 1x01)

A symbol.


I live in constant fear of being shit on by a bird